As assistant attorney with IDEAL Law Firm LLP you will receive a top-of-the-line education that is locally based, but combined with an international outlook in interesting and complex cases. This is where the foundation for your career as attorney is built.

You will be assigned a partner within your field of interest, who will act as your mentor throughout your education. During your time as assistant attorney you will work with several attorneys in order to touch on different practice areas and provide you with a general knowledge of the major legal areas while at the same time ensuring that you discover your strengths as an attorney.

From lawyer to attorney
We expect you to be well prepared from your time at university, but we do know that it is not until you become an assistant attorney that you learn how to be an attorney, and in order to be a good attorney, you need to know more than just the legal basics. Our work is based on four cornerstones that make us the competent attorneys and good colleagues that we want to be. (i) Integrity and professionalism, (ii) dedication to our job, (iii) professional sparring with colleagues, and (iv) time optimization that is reflected in the work that we perform every day. Read more about it here.

Thorough from the beginning
For a newly educated lawyer it is important to get the necessary training and establish the correct routines. The best way to ensure this is to be thorough and attentive to details right from the beginning when working with our assistant attorneys. That way we build the best foundation for our future cooperation, when the assistant attorney has to stand on his or her own feet.