ideal law firm llp

New firm with lots of experience


IDEAL Law Firm LLP is based on a vision of uncompromising quality and direct counselling combined with a pragmatic adviser-client relation.

We service some of the large businesses in Denmark as well as international businesses, but among our references we also have a large number of small businesses and sole traders.



Our strategic focus is on our specialised knowledge within Mergers & AcquisitionsReal propertyCorporate law and Agriculture.

We aim at being the best at what we do. In order to achieve this, we must be the clients’ preferred partner when they face complex challenges and need legal and strategic advice. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to

  • Pragmatic and hands-on advisory services

We have the greatest respect for our clients and they deserve relevant advice that is solution-oriented, easy to understand and useful in practice.

  • Knowledge, specialisation and insight

Our services are based on theory, practice, experience and most of all a wish to obtain a detailed insight into the business of our client. We devote ourselves to our individual qualifications and we therefore always use our expert knowledge within the various areas of the law.

  • Ambition and will

We want to find the best solution for our clients. We set high standards for ourselves and each other in order to continue to develop in step with our surroundings. 

our values

Integrity – be professional with an ethical approach


Sparring increases the quality of your work – take advantage of your colleagues’ high level of professionalism


Dedication to the job – be dedicated in everything you do


Time – spend your time right