We represent buyers and sellers of both small and large businesses, when the legal aspects of the purchase and sale need to be uncovered.

Usually, a potential buyer of a business will want a due diligence involving a review of the relevant documents regarding the business. Alternatively, the seller can provide a number of guarantees relating to issues that are of importance with regard to the business transfer. IDEAL Law Firm LLP can assist with the structuring of the due diligence process. We participate in the negotiations concerning terms and conditions and we handle and prepare the necessary documents.

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We provide advice to clients and other business partners in relation to all types of corporate law issues and transactions.

Advice on corporate law is relevant at practically all levels of a company’s development; from the first step when the entrepreneur needs advice on the type of company to set up, over mergers, de-mergers and restructurings etc. to the end when the company is dissolved, for example by liquidation.

A specific area of corporate law deals with cooperative societies. Such societies are subject to...

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We mainly provide advice within three areas: Purchase and sale of agricultural properties, handling of the farmer’s interests when dealing with public authorities, and succession.

In order to be able to provide advice to farmers in connection with purchase and sale you need to have a detailed knowledge of the rules on acquisition, operations at the properties, ...

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IDEAL Law Firm LLP provides advice on setting up cooperative housing associations, carrying out real estate projects, buying and selling agricultural properties, rental properties, domicile properties, building sites, factories and private residences.

An attorney should review all relevant documents involved in a real property transaction in order to lead the purchaser past any potential pitfalls surrounding the purchase, change of ownership, the rules governing the rights of tenants and landlords as well as any reservations with regard to renovation after the purchase.

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Do you want to be a specialist at ideal law firm?

We continuously hire talents who can contribute to our professional environment.

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