A quick and efficient way to solve conflicts without going to court.

Mediation or alternative dispute resolution is an efficient way to solve conflicts while at the same time preserving the relation between the parties. It is a voluntary and confidential negotiation process, where the focus is not only on the legal part of the conflict. The parties’ interests and reputation are also taken into consideration, so that the parties’ cooperation may continue afterwards.

There is a high success rate for solving disputes through mediation, which can be initiated either before, during or concurrently with a court case if both parties are willing.

We see an increasing tendency to settle disputes through negotiation with the help of a mediator instead of going to court, and more and more people choose to insert mediation clauses in national and international contracts in order to ensure that any conflicts that may arise will be settled through mediation.

Most legal expenses insurances cover mediation costs on a par with litigation costs.

The Mediation Institute

We work together with the Mediation Institute. You can read their booklet on mediation below (in Danish).

If you need a mediator, feel free to contact us directly. If we feel that we are unable to solve your case, we can refer you to the Mediation Institute for further assistance.

If you want to know more:

Mediation in Denmark: Mediator attorneys

Mediation in the EU: The Mediation Directive


IDEAL Law Firm also offers traditional dispute settlement before the courts, arbitration, and traditional settlement negotiations.



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